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Past Workshop Flyers:

LondonActors Info Booth, FLAustinFt. LauderdaleNew York


Judy with coach Scott Rogers in Hawaii
Had a great time in Hawaii teaching at the SAG Conservatory. Here’s an interview with Hawaii’s famous acting coach Scott Rogers.
Australian Workshop with agent Gina Stoj
judy kerr acting is everything IPAC
I recently taught workshops in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia. Here’s an interview with agent Gina Stoj.
Workshop – Hilton Hotel, Universal Studios
An adventure in Ft. Lauderdale: Actors Info Booth
London Workshop participants. Kneeling, front and center is Sandy De Sousa who produced the event — great fun!
judy kerr impossible blvd 7-7-7
Austin, Texas at Alleywood Studios Hosted by Acting Coach CK McFarland.
Impossible Boulevard. I directed this to benefit OPCC. Jeff Doucette, Karim Mahmud, Wendy Haines, Ron Gorow, Me, Catherane Skillen, Bill Lee Brown, Denise George, Prod. Robin Gee.
judy kerr acting is everything book signing paris workshop judy kerr acting is everything
Book signing at Samuel French Bookstore launching the 11th/GOLD Edition of Acting Is Everything. A great evening.

Career Workshop in Paris for

Bridge Media Network.

New York workshop judy kerr acting is everything judy kerr san francisco
Acting for the Camera and Preparation for Moving to Los Angeles at PharePlay in NYC
Workshop for The Bridge, San
. An organization of professional actors Founders:
Carl Miller, Renny Madlena in front and Don Williams in back.
The Drama Book Shop in NYC. I met many actors on their way to LA.
The book signing was great, I got to talk with people individually and could answer questions.

Foothill Technology High School, Ventura
My grandson, Austin Tovar attended this high school.
Long Beach State University, the handsome guy next to me is actor Hugh O’Gorman who is Head of Acting, Department of Theatre Arts.
judy kerr shake rag alley mineral point judy kerr acting is everything shake rag alley

Shake Rag Alley Stage and Screen Workshops: A Week of Intensive Workshops with Leading Film, Television, Theater Professionals. “The Last Laugh” play at the Opera House. Video: slideshow and actor clips

Show Biz Panel at Shake Rag Alley – Seated At Table (Left to Right): Ron Gorow, Kerry Shear, Peter Bogart, Me, Joan Darling, Bill Svanoe, Blake Bradford, Bonnie Raphael

Judy with Lori Frankian, Workshop Producer and Boston Career Coach
Boston Workshop Participants
in Las Vegas at Lara’s Studio, Inc.

Minneapolis Workshop

Agent Bonnie Howard, to my left, taught this class with me

mark durso judy kerr acting is everything
San Francisco Participants
At Full Circle Productions
Hosted by Marc Durso of ActTrue
Hollywood, Florida at the Arts Academy

Typical Workshop Format

Nashville schedule

Each actor should bring a picture and resume.
If you don’t have one – bring a snapshot and staple to it a prepared, typed resume using the examples in Acting Is Everything: An Actor’s Guidebook for a Successful Career in Los Angeles. These will be given to Mary Friday night and they will help me pick your audition scenes for Sunday. Bring a VHS video tape with your name boldly labeled on the binding of the tape to all of the classes. You may also bring and use an audio tape recorder if you wish.

Saturday Morning 10AM to 12:30PM

Meet – prepare a 2 minute introduction of yourself and then 30 seconds of what you hope to get out of the seminar. This is part of your auditioning technique so have an upbeat, interesting, fast introduction “as if” you are meeting a casting director or agent. I will comment on your presentation of yourself.

Relaxation – acting with no guard, being open, vulnerable with no defenses.

Emotion Exercise – Glad, mad, sad, glad.

Personalizing Exercise – “Who are you talking to?”

Lunch 12:30 to 1:30

Saturday Afternoon 1:00PM to approximately 6:00PM

Pass out Sunday’s Scripts. Most of you will have partners so you can rehearse together if you wish but you will each individually be shot on camera as if it were an audition, your partner will read off camera.

Day-Player roles on camera During these scenes I will help each actor give a better performance or give them a direction to take it a different way. Most of you will be doing it at least twice. There is much to be learned by watching and hearing the direction of the other actors.

Time Permitting. we will start reviewing your pictures and resumes.

Sunday Morning 10AM to 12:30PM

Meet and questions about auditioning.


Sensory Work explanation and exercise

Finish reviewing pictures and resumes

Lunch 12:30PM to 1:30PM

Audition Scenes

Questions, discussions, observations. [ To return to the Photos, please click HERE. ]

Acting in Australia

Actors in Australia from Judy Kerr on Vimeo.

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Acting in Hawaii

Acting in Hawaii from Judy Kerr on Vimeo.

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Shake Rag Alley

Mineral Point – Shake Rag Alley from Judy Kerr on Vimeo.

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